About Me

This is what I do.

I received my BS in Physics and Applied Mathematics with honors and my Ph.D. in Physics with distinction from the University of New Mexico. After a year as Research Associate, I joined the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) as a tenure-track faculty in Physics. I earned tenure at UCCS by researching biophysical phenomena using super-resolution microscopy techniques and condensed matter physics. During my time at UCCS, I developed and taught numerous physics undergraduate and graduate courses.

As a Quantum Evangelist, I am actively engaging with the quantum community and clients to promote TKET, Quantinuum's open access, quantum compiler, which helps users within the quantum ecosystem get the most out of today’s quantum hardware. My role involves active engagement with the quantum computing community, providing resources and support for users, and driving TKET's adoption through educational outreach and community engagement.

► I organize and deliver TKET quantum SDK presentations, workshops, and hackathon challenges.

► I communicate about TKET quantum SDK to academic and developer communities.

► I create learning content on quantum computing for audiences of varying experience levels.

► I work with quantum computing educators globally.